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 General Rules/Vamp Beast Specific Rules

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Deku Nut
Deku Nut

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PostSubject: General Rules/Vamp Beast Specific Rules   Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:51 am

Most of the following rules are general rules that should be followed for all W3 games; however, there is inevitably always one individual in game who either do not know or do not care about the following.

General Rules

----Don't Spam the chat. It annoys other players, and is very distracting to play.
----Don't intentionally feed. Doing so will definitely get you banned from the bot (And I may personally endeavor to get you ip banned forever)
----While not a rule, it is recommended that you not maliciously insult admins, hosts, or people in general.

Vampirism Beast Specific

----Please don't claim-->oust other players with the intention of depriving them of their first gold/vault. Intentional malicious acts of this kind are detrimental to your team as a whole. Don't forget, this is a team based effort game.
----As per the VBG clan rules, "vesting" has been determined to be imbalanced. The term "vesting" refers to the purchase of 2 or more Slayer Vests. The first offense will result in the player being ask to dispose of their vests; if the vesting continues it will result in a kick---->ban.

****On the subject of leaving. If you have an emergency and must leave, we understand. We all like to think we have lives. However, it is not appropriate under the following conditions.
1. If you are a Nosferatu. If you have an emergency and must leave, then you may post in our Ban Appeal section afterwards, as you will get banned. We will review it, and lift the ban should your reason be valid.
2. If you leave as a human while you are double basing. Seriously, you just abused your team by giving massive feed to the vampires, and your partner is now baseless.

Ending Note: This post reserves the right to be edited at any time for any reason. More rules will certainly be added, and others may be edited. Please enjoy your stay at the Clan VBG forums.
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules/Vamp Beast Specific Rules   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:47 pm

Violators will be fvcked :O

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PostSubject: Re: General Rules/Vamp Beast Specific Rules   Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:05 am

For vestin do you mean we can't get 2 AND more or we cant get over 2 vests?
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules/Vamp Beast Specific Rules   

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General Rules/Vamp Beast Specific Rules
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