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 Tips for Rushing Tier 4

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PostSubject: Tips for Rushing Tier 4   Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:21 pm

K here are a few simple tips for rushing tier 4 (5-10 mins) before hellgate opens:

1. Steal ASMUCHITEMS as possible, Items=Gold, Gold=better workers, Better workers=More Wood, More wood=More gold mines, Gold Mines=Gold. Gold=Progress.

2. Getting a Gold mine Before 10mins in will put u ahead of most players, but leaves u vulnerable if you don't have a Mega wall, what u can do is build some walls blocking the paths into your base and before vamps can atk your main wall he has to atk your shitty walls to get in, that's when u can use blockers (Bouncers/Pandas) and then upgrade your wall if necessary.

3. While "the more the merrier" is usually the case, this saying doesn't apply to Uber workers, All you want is 4-5 Uber workers, Why? because you want Tier 4 ASAP, when u spend 18 each time to get a uber worker, u can get 4 and they still give u enough wood to reach 100k wood withing 2mins or less, if u get all uber workers u waste 18x 6 which is 108g, which can set u far ahead of the other players that are getting tier 4.

4. The "Extras"
-Wall towers, are they really necessary when vamp doesn't have sphere? yes they block him out, but u can just rush building wall towers when vamp gets sphere even if he teles to his lich u can build a unfinished wall towers all over the blinking spots.

-Offensive towers, YES you do need these, or the vamp atks your wall 24/7 pillaging you making over 80g/minute, Usually a super flame tower will work untill 10 minutes before Hellgate opens.

-to be continued

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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Rushing Tier 4   Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:29 pm

Every good strategy huh. PUT SOME ACTION INTO IT! haha Very Happy Good Job

And stop being so lazy. Finish it up

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Tips for Rushing Tier 4
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