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 Gold Rush Advice

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Deku Nut
Deku Nut

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PostSubject: Gold Rush Advice   Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:52 pm

Ok, so I've had many people ogle in awe whenever someone gets 2 gm right after the second gold, so I figured I'd post that information here. It's not that hard.

---Don't get a mega. Duh. Keep Seemingly, or even Super, and use bouncers to keep those dirty hoe vamps off you for as long as possible. If they gun for you, there isnt anything you can do, you will have to up your wall.

---Don't research masonry. It's not needed seeing as how you only have a seemingly anyways. An extra 15% health won't help a seemingly that much.

---Don't build stuff for the funzies. At this point in the game, their chain isn't going to be high enough to hurt you, so don't worry about a fatass. And don't mass towers, unless you're deliberately going for the early kill.

---And obviously, make sure you have full workers as fast as possible. I always rofl when I see someone when 45 food worth of workers and nothing else until the gold, as he says, "well I don't want to feed the vamps any workers". Learn to det fast. Deal.

If you do all this, and aren't found multiple times and sexed by the vamps, then you should just be able to get 2 gm right after the 2nd gold. Of course, if you can get a leak, more power to you. Have fun. Don't forget to up your wall though afterwards lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Rush Advice   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:54 pm

Worst advice i ever seen :O
Its decent at least u can live haha

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Gold Rush Advice
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