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 A personal condition that I will not tolerate.

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A personal condition that I will not tolerate. Empty
PostSubject: A personal condition that I will not tolerate.   A personal condition that I will not tolerate. EmptySat Dec 05, 2009 3:11 pm

I have a condition, without the following of which I shall not continue to play a game. I have noticed increasingly this to be a "problem" primarily in many vbg games. Whether or not others perceive it as a problem is moot to me. When two players double base, the secondary (defined here as the individual without a wall) does not need to fuck around and do stupid shit. Double basing is a skill just like anything else in this game. If you aren't good at it, don't do it. Things you don't do when double basing are:

Wasting space- only two bases can truly support a double base, those being top right and top left. If you are there, feel free to be stupid and waste space all day. In any other base, the neglectful use of space is inconsiderate to your fellow human due to the fact that space is already a valuable commodity. Don't waste it.

Spending the game chatting away- it's a proactive game. It's annoying for everyone else if all you do is sit and talk, occasionally upgrading a tower, while others are actively trying to save each others asses.

On a final note, if all you are doing is joining a game with absolutely no intent of doing anything other than devoting your resources, every time, to another human, then gtfo. If you suck too much to build your own base, then don't play. It's really fucking annoying to see that every game.
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A personal condition that I will not tolerate.
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