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PostSubject: WC3Banlist   WC3Banlist EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 8:11 pm

WC3Banlist is a very useful personal banlist program. Banlist bans the players of your choice into their own database that you can share online.

Another good part of banlist is that it has a copy and paste system where your friends join a game it auto copy the game name so you can paste it in the join game bar to follow them into the game.

Last but not least the banlist provides the function of saving replays. It helps you save every replay that you play. Its a bit trouble finding the replays tho Smile

To get WC3Banlist:
1. Simply go to the website at WC3Banlist
2. On the left side you will see Download, click into that it will bring you to the download page.
3. Click on any of the Mirrors under WC3Banlist 3.0. Don't get the beta. Its not needed if you are not a host.
4. Follow the installation instruction.
***Note: There are some programs that WC3Banlist requires, so don't deny the program that WC3Banlist askes for.

**Note** -> You can find the replays in your hard drive. C: -> Program Files -> WC3Banlist -> Replays.

Hope WC3Banlist will help. Enjoy Very Happy

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